A By the Sea Wedding

A By the Sea Wedding

At The Monterey Stone Marriage Chapel

A By the Sea Wedding was founded by Rev. Patt O’Brien, an ordained minister, and has been offering wedding services on the Monterey Bay since 1988. We now offer three ministers to serve you, Patt O’Brien, Sherilyn Russo, and Kate O’Brien, all Non-Denominational ordained ministers.

A By The Sea Wedding has delighted in performing wedding ceremonies on the Carmel beaches, Monterey Bay coast, private homes, and just about anywhere in the general area. We can recommend wedding locations on intimate cliffs overlooking crashing waves, and grassy park areas along Coast as well as many others.

It became apparent to us that there was a strong need for an affordable, hassle free, tasteful marriage chapel on the Monterey Peninsula when couples worried about weather conditions or desired a more formal setting for their wedding. Once we saw the grounds at The Monterey Stone Marriage Chapel, we instantly knew it would be the location for our marriage chapel and once you see it, you’ll understand why.

In addition to performing ceremonies by the ocean and at The Monterey Stone Marriage Chapel, we are able to offer photography, video, and assist in lodging, receptions, flowers, and more.

Authorized By...

Monterey County

We are authorized by Monterey County to issue the California Confidential Marriage License for eligible weddings performed in the county of Monterey, and are further authorized to perform marriage ceremonies in the state of California. There is no blood test or waiting period required if we issue your marriage certificate, however both the bride and groom must be over 18 years old and already living together to qualify for the Confidential Marriage License.

We have three ordained ministers that are available to perform your wedding ceremony. Ceremony locations can be chosen from numerous outdoor settings, or our very own Monterey Stone Marriage Chapel.

Additional services available through us include wedding photography and video services.

If you would like us to issue your marriage license or perform your wedding ceremony, please contact us at our office and we will be happy to make arrangements to handle your wedding. We are often available for weddings on short notice, however the sooner you reserve your spot the more flexible we can be in regards to ceremony times and locations.